Get ready for some serious play, folks!

So much more than a simple play mat, the Huge Activity Travel Mat doubles as a playground for babies
Wow, this mat is the real deal !    It’s not only a fantastically soft and comfortable mat to sit and lye on but it’s a rest area, a playground, a seat and just about anything else your children can think of …  all at once!

Handmade in Israel using beautiful bright coloured cotton fabrics and thick sponge for safe playing. The stackable fold is fantastic for storing when packed up – it folds into a compact size of only 47/62cm.   The mat is very portable and provides excellent soft bedding (3cm thickness sponge) outdoors in situations like camping and picnics.

The mat comes with a useful pocket for storage and a long band so it can be easily carried on the shoulder.  The cover is also removable, so it can be easily washed when the inevitable spillages happen :)

Moroccan Natural has arrived

Moroccan Natural has arrived at Babatude Boutique.

Moroccan Natural source their raw materials from the best producers in the global market. Our ‘Green Credential’ status ensures that you will only receive the finest quality products with the minimum of recyclable packaging, thus enabling us to offer you outstanding value for your money . 100% Organic. 100% Natural.

The Miracle Oil. The ‘Miracle Oil’, ‘Liquid Gold’ only two of the names being coined for the incredible age defying oil that is peculiar to the western coast of Morocco. This Time proven, ancient beauty secret has been used by Berber women for the last 700 years, not only to nourish and moisturise their skin and soften the epidermis against lines and wrinkles, but also as an aid to skin prone to psoriasis, eczema and acne. Argan oil is fast captivating the hair and skin care business and is becoming the ingredient du jour with the top names in the industry in their quest to preserve your youth. GBP 29

The Moroccan Hair Oil. Argan Oil is a wonderful all round treat for hair, just look at the success of ‘Moroccan Oil’ the hair product that is taking the hairdressing industry by storm. What Moroccan Natural is offering is the real ‘Moroccan Oil’ blended with the time proven natural ingredients that have been blended together for maximum effect. Many people who have used cedarwood oil for hair, have experienced considerable reduction in hair fall, and premature greying of hair. Because rosemary stimulates and improves circulation throughout the body, it increases the blood supply to the scalp. Rosemary cleans hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Use it once a week to obtain a thick, clean hair and scalp .Lavender oil, one of the best aromatherapy oils is known to be very effective in treating the problem of hair loss. Regular usage is helpful in controlling hair fall and improving hair growth. Sea buckthorn oil is a natural way of encouraging hair growth. Extremely rich in nutrients and proteins, the oil nourishes the scalp and is believed to stimulate hair growth, as well. GBP 17.50

Rose & Argan Serum. Rose Oil was a favourite of Cleopatra, we have also merged this precious oil in our blend. Rosa Damascena Oil: this is an excellent emollient and has hydrating properties, which helps the skin to stay soft and properly moisturized and fight any dryness and dehydration. The stimulating action of it on the other hand is a boon for fighting aging and maintaining a soft, dewy and youthful complexion. The therapeutic properties of Rose Geranium oil are antiseptic, astringent and is used for toning the skin. This blend is excellent for maintaining a smooth toned skin. GBP 17.50

Family Tree Poster worth £24.99 for Free !

With every Fill & Tell ‘My Best Book About Me’ or ‘For My Grandchild’ book ordered, we will send you a beautifully illustrated family tree, for you to chart generations of family in words or pictures. Perfect to brighten up a bedroom, playroom or nursery wall, the poster retails at £24.99 and measures 50cm x 70 cm (standard Ikea size). Offer ends 31st October.

Sumptuously Soft Pyjamas

The fabulous brand Ava & Luc have expanded their collection with some adorable new designs.   The pink butterflies and blue penguins are true winners!  Available in both a pyjama print from 1 year through to 7 years and romper design for the little ones from newborn to 12 months. Ava & Luc design in soft organic cotton which is heavenly to wear.  These are wonderful year-round gifts and a super idea for Christmas!



40% off Luxury Baby Changing Bags

FLASH SALE on a selection of these wonderful BabyBeau Luxury Baby Changing Bags with 40% discount, on

Not only are these bags very stylish but also so practical; a changing bag by day … a handbag by night !

The baby-organiser with pockets and essentials for a changing bag, can simply be removed transforming the bag into a luxurious handbag! A brilliant idea and a wonderful item that can still be used for a very long time after the need for changing the little one has finished.

Stay Safe in Style

These adorable little i.d bracelets are such a super idea.   OK, we all know that it’s not possible to watch our kids for every second of every of every day.   When our little ones are excited to be at a theme park or running up and down a sandy beach, they may just get lost in a crowd or wander off when your back is turned.   To give parents an extra little piece of mind, here is a  brilliant but simple idea ;  just pop one of these cool, stylish bracelets on your child’s wrist – with their name and your mobile number engraved on it – and someone can easily contact you and let you know where your child is. 

You can choose what to have engraved on both sides of the sterling silver bar and select from 12 vibrant colours.   The bracelets are secured with knotted cord and can’t be easily removed so there is no chance of them falling off while running around or swimming in the sea.    Clever huh ?!

Meet our fabulous designer – Au Sud du Nord

We’re delighted to introduce Marie, the designer behind the super label  Au Sud du Nord 

If you were to ‘tweet’ your business (140 characters), how would you describe it ?

I create unique and ethnic sleepbags for baby and toddlers, inspired by colors and patterns of historic and traditional dresses of Asia and Africa.


How did you come up with the idea of launching your business?

Since I was a small girl, I needed to create. I discovered 3 years ago that I need to try to live my passion. I want to show my kids we must find our way and that we all have a talent and once we find it we must keep it !


When designing a new collection where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from beautiful books (ethnic dresses and history costumes), from design books (for colors and patterns), and from the internet (beautiful graphic and illustration blogs and sites). My imagination does the rest !


Which of your products are you most proud of, and why?

* 2 years ago I created a customised sleepbag for a mother. She just told me some words : “green and pink, antilope, baby and adenium” (a beautiful desert plant). I really like the design I created and colour palette.


* In my first collection “Bao’bab”, 4 years ago, I created African patterns and colors, and I’m very proud of one on my elephant baby series : a raspberry double-sided felt and a wax (african) fabric.






















Do you have a good work / life balance ?

I’m working on it everyday…!


I’m a “home-mum-worker” : I write books (about kids creativity), I create unique sleepbags, I study (distance learning : I go back to school to learn pedagogy and creativity) and I am the mother of 2 little kids (a 6 year old boy and an almost 5 year old girl). And I have 3 blogs… So, I decided to make choices in my life : I do not iron ! :-)


We don’t have television at home, so in the evening I have the time to draw new designs, to read, to write and sometimes to sew.


Unfortunately, we have a very small house, and 3 rooms : since my kids are in their own room, I no longer have craft room … Everytime I sew, I need to immediately tidy up ! I’m dreaming of looking at the beautiful sewing room on Pinterest !



Do you have a motto or quote you love to use?

Yes ! “Stop procrastinating, and do it !”


Seriously, there is so many things I want to do and create, and life is so short…



What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

For me : fly in space

For my family : build a time-travel machine (great way to travel !)

For humanity : develop a humanistic and child-centered education which will change awareness



What is the best advice you have ever given or received?

“Try, don’t begin to think about failure”. I understand our kids are mostly influenced by what we “are” than what we do or what we say. They need to have and see passionate and creative parents !


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

I think it would be in Quebec, in a wooden house, between a lake and a big forest. And I’d like to have a small house in Chang Maï (Thaïland) and an over-water bungalow renting-for-life in Bora Bora, just for holidays


What makes you smile?

* When my 6 years old boy (who is fond of dinosaurs, astronomy and human body) is thinking about the tooth fairy (in France, it’s a “mouse tooth” !) and about who or what bring Easter eggs in our garden : this year, he was sure it was him : it’s a very small airplane, dropping eggs in the grass ! And his sister heard an airplane engine, obviously…


* My husband’s humour : he makes me laugh !


* A very cute manga : a kitten named Chi (Konami Kanata).


* When my cat (Mushi) is snoring and hum… don’t tell anyone !  Funny cats video compilations on youtube … I think I definitively love cats !



Do you have a favorite gift for friends and if so what is it?

No, I always choose my gift based on the person. And when I can : handmade gifts !


Which is your favorite item on Babatude Boutique ?

I really like the felt globe made by Jane Talbot.


What’s the one item you couldn’t do without on a desert island ?

For life : internet…

For holidays or a short time : nothing !


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