Stay Safe in Style

These adorable little i.d bracelets are such a super idea.   OK, we all know that it’s not possible to watch our kids for every second of every of every day.   When our little ones are excited to be at a theme park or running up and down a sandy beach, they may just get lost in a crowd or wander off when your back is turned.   To give parents an extra little piece of mind, here is a  brilliant but simple idea ;  just pop one of these cool, stylish bracelets on your child’s wrist – with their name and your mobile number engraved on it – and someone can easily contact you and let you know where your child is. 

You can choose what to have engraved on both sides of the sterling silver bar and select from 12 vibrant colours.   The bracelets are secured with knotted cord and can’t be easily removed so there is no chance of them falling off while running around or swimming in the sea.    Clever huh ?!