Get ready for some serious play, folks!

So much more than a simple play mat, the Huge Activity Travel Mat doubles as a playground for babies
Wow, this mat is the real deal !    It’s not only a fantastically soft and comfortable mat to sit and lye on but it’s a rest area, a playground, a seat and just about anything else your children can think of …  all at once!

Handmade in Israel using beautiful bright coloured cotton fabrics and thick sponge for safe playing. The stackable fold is fantastic for storing when packed up – it folds into a compact size of only 47/62cm.   The mat is very portable and provides excellent soft bedding (3cm thickness sponge) outdoors in situations like camping and picnics.

The mat comes with a useful pocket for storage and a long band so it can be easily carried on the shoulder.  The cover is also removable, so it can be easily washed when the inevitable spillages happen 🙂