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Blue Handmade Soft Leather Star Moon Car Shoes

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Beautifully soft genuine leather blue boys shoes with your choice of star and moons or cars
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Our slippers gratify the needs of the grown baby feet making their first steps. They are designed for toddlers - the flexible construction of the slipper whole are engineered to render a barefoot feeling as close as possible. Toddler shoes must not limit the free movements of the growing baby feet, nor deform, press on and constrict them.


Our baby slippers may be used for walking, as well. 

- 2 mm. thin microcellular rubber, flat, lightweight and very flexible. 
- 5 mm. microcellular rubber, flat, lightweight and flexible - appropriate for kindergartens, where the child spends a lot of time, indoors.

They have a large toes room which helps the thumb to take a good position and distributes the bodyweight.


Your child can wear them with or without socks. The air circulation is very good having 100% natural leather that breathes.



Size 1:  4 - 11 months old (11 cm. long 4.33") 
Size 2:  7- 12 months old (12 cm. long or 4.72" ) 
Size 3:  10 - 16 months old (13 cm. long or 5.12" ) 
Size 4:  12 - 24 months old (14 cm. long or 5.5" ) 
Size 5:  14 - 36 months old (15 cm. long or 5.9" ) 
Size 6:  2 - 4 y.o. (16 cm. long or 6.3")
Size 7:  3 - 5 y.o. (17 cm. long or 6.7")

To determine foot size, measure from the end of the heel to the end of the thumb with foot stretched out and ADD +0.5-1 sm / 0.2- 0.4 inch to have the total shoe size you need. If Your baby is old enough to stand erect, you may have her or him stand on a sheet of paper and mark off the two ends with a pencil perpendicular to the sheet.

Hand wash in а cool water (30 °); Dry in a room temperature, avoid direct sunshine and heat

If sending as a present, we can gift wrap your shoes in a lovely shoe bag with ribbon and has a gift card printed with the recipient name and your message

This item ships from Bulgaria to :

Europe : £ 8 
Rest of World  : £ 10

As your shoes are individually hand-crafted for you, they will take between 5-7 to produce.   If delivery is within Europe, please allow up to 2 weeks from the date of placing your order to receiving your booties.  If delivery is world-wide (outside of Europe) please allow up to a maximum of 3 weeks. 

IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee delivery by a particular date or by a particular period.   We will provide a tracking number for your delivery to check its status online.


Products already ordered and delivered may be returned or exchanged under the following provisions:
- when a defect is present: a torn stitch, a punchhole in the texture. Please, bear in mind that the nature of our slippers (entirely hand-made) presupposes that each little shoe differs slightly from the other, even in its own pair. 
- when the product does not match its online store description. For example: You order slippers with a toggle, but receive a pair with velcro;
- when shoe size does not match the one designated in Your order: You checked size 19-20, but received 21-22;
- when there is a trade mark discrepancy.

You may return your ZeaZooKIds purchase within 30 days from day of delivery.   Please contact us at hello@babatude.com to arrange.

Please follow the instructions on how to determine exact size for your baby. If you have ordered a particular size which is identical to what is delivered to you but still would not fit your child, we shall not exchange the product for a new one. Always choose the longer than the shorter shoe length.  

Who pays the delivery charges when you refund or want to exchange ZeaZooKIds product:

1) ZeaZooKIds bears the delivery charges when one of the provisions enumerated above occurs

2) The client bears the delivery charges in any other situations ( the size does not fit the kid, but responds to what was ordered, etc.) 

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